Experiences w/ Lampizator level 2?

I've been reading up on Lampy level 4 reviews, and I must say, I'm smitten. With practically every review raving about how it "makes you want to stop trying to evaluate the sound and just listen to the music", it seems exactly what I want, save for the price.

Thus, I'll probably have to settle for a Lampy Level 2. Does it share that same quality of emotional involvement that just makes you want to listen and not even think of analyzing it? I don't care about soundstage, dynamics, etc; just that one quality.

I'm also pretty interested in how it compares in this one characteristic with other DAC's in the $2k and under range, if possible. Thanks! :)
"makes you want to stop trying to evaluate the sound and just listen to the music"

Is it substance to digest?

I have probably larger list of such:

One would want you just to listen 5...6 hours straight non-stop. Even if you have things to do such as cleaning, cooking, shopping or any kind of pending work, you will keep listening and sitting.

Another similar one would want you to listen 10 or vinyls one after another.

Third one would want you to do the same with either one but real LOUD(Don't forget about possible vinyl rumble)
I have been researching to maybe replace my PS Audio Perfect Wave DAC MKII. Has anyone heard of any comparisons? I believe it was Darby at Stereomojo who said the level 4 was phenomenal.
From Stereomojo:





Yes, this tube DAC is lovingly hand made in Poland by Lukasz Fikus. It's not frilly or a piece of industrial art. All the production money goes into the sound. His Lampizator Level 4 DAC is our 2012 DAC of the Year which has
completely transformed the experience of listening to digital music for our publisher as stated in his review earlier this year. .

The Level 2 DAC does not possess the utter magic of the $5,000 Level 4,

but it does take digital listening to a level higher than other DACs anywhere near its price.

Tube output stage based on Siemens Pcc88 triodes in Anode Follower Single Ended Triode config.
Solid state power supply.

-Choke filter in anode circuit
-Separate EI transformer for digital circuit
-Soviet Paper In Oil capacitors at the output
-35 VA total of transformer power
-All Japanese Rubycon and German Roe electrolytes
-Full Level 2 Gen 3 status
-24/192 receiver and DAC
-220/230/240/110/115/120 V power
-1 x S/Pdif input
-Stereo RCA outputs

I'd sure like to demo that level 4 dac, how can that happen
Theres a dealer in Virginia that's I'd recommend.
How is the generation 4 level 2, wilson? Or did only the upper end discs see a new generation?
Get a copy of the latest Hifi Critic. They review the Lampy.
DJ, that was Gen 3, delta-sigma. Gen 4 is multi bit.