Experienced Opinions on Michael Green Justarak

I'm interested in this rack, and I'm to understand that the tension adjustment to each shelf is critical in making this rack do its thing. I own the ealy version grey and white shelf unit, and the people at Roomtune tell me the newer unit will blow this unit away. Does anyone have any feedback?
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I had a Deluxe Justarack and didn't really care for it. Someone on these forums whom i respect and i know is quite experienced with many pieces of gear purchased it from me. He really seemed to like it. In fact, he liked it enough to purchase another one directly from MGD.

I will simply say that it was my experience with this rack that opened my eyes to the fact that a rack can have a very large influence on the sound of your system. Previous to that point, i did believe in isolation, damping, etc... but just figured that a stable platform was a stable platform. How wrong i was. I would not have believed it if i had not experienced it for myself. Sean
I have a few of them, probably close outs from a previous design a few years ago but the Deluxe model like Sean's. I got them because I wanted to be able to adjust the height of each shelf to accommodate equipment changes and to maintain a shorter rack by my speakers which would fit three components, two short and one tall, and in that respect they've been very good. However, I believe that their philosophy is that rateher than damping, you drain all vibrations from equipment on the rack through the shelves, down the metal support rods and through the pointed spikes into the floor, and that just wasn't working that great with my tubed equipment and suspended floor; if anything, the spiked feet may well have been transmitting vibrations from the floor back into my equipment, particularly in the case of the racks next to my woofer/suboofer enclosures! What I have since done has been to have a friend in our audio society who does these things for a (meager) living make me various isolation devices (one, an isolation platform using constrained layer damping with a silicone-like layer, on which each rack sits on isolation feet, not points; the rest isolation platforms of innertubes filled with an air/silicone mixture, in a sand/lead-filled base, on which I place my equipment or, in some cases, a Symposium shelf), which in my case has worked much better and certainly has cleaned up the sound significantly, but clearly uses the opposite approach from the MG design. So I'd have to agree with Sean that the rack does have an effect on the sound of your system; how the MG design works for you may well depend on where you have the rack and what it is standing on.
yea, i agree with sean and the prince. they suck. big time. -cfb