Experienced DIY John Risch - Belden Recipe users?

I see that Element Cable manufactures and sells speaker cables utilizing the John Risch "recipe" with Belden RG cables. I would need 12' of double runs (biwire), which gets kind of pricey considering the relatively low cost of the parts. I was wondering if anyone has first-hand experience with this type of cable, either from Element Cable, or from DIY experience? The materials are readily available and the construction process is pretty straightforward. However, I don't want to attempt this somewhat time-consuming task without a better understanding of what to expect. Currently, I am using double shotgun runs of Kimber 4tc - that�s 4 pair of the 4tc to each speaker (two pair twisted to form one run, then twisting that run with the other run of two twisted pairs). One review I read stated that the Element Cable version bettered the Audience AU24 cable. Additionally, does anyone know if there are other sources for manufactured cables utilizing this �recipe?� Also, would it make better sense to use a different RG type cable that utilizes a solid conductor rather than the stranded version utilized by Belden??

Thank you esteemed community of audioholics.