Experience with Vinyl Nirvana

Good morning!  If anyone out there has experience or opinion on the refurbished Thorens turntables that Dave at Vinyl Nirvana sells I would appreciate hearing from them.
I have a Thorens 125 mk2 with SME M-2 arm from Dave.  Great turntable and Dave is great to deal with.  Highly recommended.
2 thumbs up have had AR, and Thorens lb replica he does great work 
I lurked on the Vinyl Nirvana website for about a year while researching both new and vintage turntables. At the time I was  convinced I wanted the best quality semi-automatic I could find and that appeared to be a vintage Thorens TD-147.

Ultimately, I bought a TD-125 from Dave and he mounted a Q-up tonearm lifter and that machine was gorgeous and Dave was a champ. Professional and knowledgable where I needed guidance. The sound, of course, outstanding.

I couldn't stay off the website though and about a year later I traded in the TD-125 with Dave and had him customize a TD-160  to be my ultimate TT.

I Can't recommend Dave and Vinyl Nirvana higher.