Experience with the USB to AES

If any one has experience with the USB to AES "Matchbox" from Henry Engineering, please share your thoughts? Link for product: www.henryeng.com/usbaesmb.html

Looks like Henry Engineering is primarily a pro audio company but the Matchbox seems like it could be used in PC audio applications where one wants to connect to a non-USB DAC via traditional AES EBU digital connections (either thru balanced or unbalanced connections). It also looks like the unit has onboard DAC with analog outs, but I would be more interested in this as a USB to AES EBU converter only and using an audiophile grade outboard DAC via digital outs from the unit.

Any experience with or feedback regarding this unit would be much appreciated. Looks like pricing is $200. Thx.
Why not just get a decent soundcard to put in your computer that outputs AES like the Lynx AES16?
I think this might be better and under $200:

Thx Dlcockrum. I just remembered that Steven Stone reviewed the USB Thingee in the last edition of TAS and elicited quite a response from the manufacturer on his comments about the DAC performance of the Thingee. He did mention that it worked just fine as a USB to S/PDIF converter. Thx for the reminder.

Jtinn...i want to use my existing HP laptop as transport (which cannot accomodate a sound card) vs. my desktop system which is in another room and I don't want to mess around with 30ft+ of wiring from my desktop to my audio rig. I recognize that that is a preferable method because you can take full advantage of high-rez file formats with a sound card like AES16 as opposed to being limited by the USB protocol which I guess is limited to 24/96. Good luck with PD by the way and thanks for the thought.
Yeah, I saw that review. Let's just say "opinions vary". Regardless, he did "unequivocally recommend the USB Thingee if you need to transform a digital musical stream from USB to coaxial S/PDIF, TosLink, or AES/EBU". I thought that was what you were looking for.
A slightly cheaper alternative could be the HagUsb (USB to AES/EBU) from Hagermann

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