Experience with the NAD M5.......

My local dealer has given me a good deal on his demo NAD M5
SACD player. I have seen some good posts here on this player. On NAD's site they are very vague with the specs
on this player......no signal to noise ratio....output
impedance etc...How does this unit sound? I have had good luck with my old NAD stuff. I do not have any in my main system now. I know you can get a Lector, Cary CDP-1 used
Mcintosh for the list price....seems like used Ayre players are hard to find. Thoughts on the NAD MASTER
sereies cd player would be helpful.
How does this unit sound?
my experience with it left me cold. I felt it was boring too smooth on top and therefore too predictable. Used it with NAD M3, and then an ARC VT100MKII into my dyn speakers. It made horrid sounding cd's more listenable but this comes at a cost for the truly great ones came across as basically boring. Just my 2 cents
Thanks for the help........we do not want boring.
What did you replace the NAD M5 with?
My original new unit was defective!!It was replaced by authorized dealer ONLY after I raised holy hell rather than have the original one repaired which was taking a month!...use it now only for crappy sounding rock cds...for more serious listening, I purchased a used Lector...NO comparison
I have to disagree with the above posters. I recently bought the M5 to try with SACD's and think it sounds excellent. Build quality is first rate as well, the unit looks very classy unlike typical NAD gear. I hear lots of detail and good separation of instruments on the jazz and acoustic SACD's I have played on my M5. This weekend I finally tried out the redbook CD section and really could not hear much difference between the NAD and the Linn Majik CD player I also have in this system. Possibly slightly more delicacy and "air" with the Majik, but that could have been my imagination too. I'm very happy with the NAD M5 esp. for the $1200 I paid for it. I think you should try it out. BTW I also own the Ayre CX7e and agree it is a better player but it also costs $3000. If you can find the NAD for $1200 it's definitely worth it, esp if you want to try SACD's. I did not find this player "boring" at all, but maybe that's due to the rest of my system (ProAc D15's, Quad II Classic amps, Cary SLP98 preamp, Ensemble and Cardas cables).
Thanks for the response......I am interested in the
SACD aspect, but it has to be great with redbook also.
It seems the latest players are doing a better job
with both SACD and redbook. I think my dealer may let me demo the NAD M5 for the weekend.
Any thoughts on how the NAD M5 would compare in sound with the sony 777es?
I know the 777es is better built, but in terms of sound quality does anyone have a view?
The NAD is a warmer and more forgiving player than the Sony. The down side would be, probably to forgiving. The upside would be the NAD has a fuller sound that I prefer to the Sony. I have owned both and think the build quality is great on both. In around the same used price range, I would take the Rega Saturn over either of them if redbook only will work for you. If you need sacd then one of the used Modwright tubbed Sony players is IMO better than the 777es or the NAD by a wide margin. I have owned all of them but the Rega which I auditioned at home.
Thanks Tom, the used tubed modwright is excellent advice, and I did consider that as an alterative to the NAD or the Sony.

Problem is I am based in the UK and I cant find any sellors willing to ship their used Modwright out of North America.

If anyone hears of one, please do let me know! Thanks
Another thought might be repair of the Modwright in UK ?
If a used modwright is available in the UK or if someone was willing to ship from another country, that would be good enough for me. But no luck.