Experience with the Jungtson' s Signal cables??

I have just got a pair of the monitor series Jungson speaker cables and interconnects. I am pleased. Does anyone out there have experience with Jungson's high end monitor speaker cables and interconnecys? I'm using balanced i/c's and of course it's too early after only a couple of hours to judge but they sound pretty good so far. Does anyone else have experience withe the Jungston Monitor series high end speaker cables and interconnects? Opinions of these cables would be highly valued. Thanks
A couple of days later and these cables are sounding sweet. They are very detailed yet laid back at the same time. I know that's kind of a contradiction but it's like you can hear everything on the recording yet it is extremely smooth. The sound is bigger sounding as well. I'm impressed with these cables and wonder why there appears to be no mention of them anywhere. They are very good. Jungsons entry level cables are very good as well which is what prompted me to try they're higher end line.
And to think these cables will get better.
I just had to correct the name in the title of this post which is Jungson
They are good