Experience with the Jungson Beauty Diety 1's?

I am listening to a pair of the BD2's and am enjoying them but have put in an order for the BD1's which are an upgrade as they are a solid wood cabinet instead of a fiberwood venear covering and they use Morel drivers as opposed to Vifas. I ask this question as I anticipate the 1's to be a nice upgrade but I thought I would ask if anyone has heard of or had experience with the Jungson Beauty Diety 1's. The BD2's are nice at half the price.
any opinions would be appreciated.
Is there no one with a pair of these. They are supposed to be quite nice.
They ar beautiful in evry aspect of the word. They look great and sound awesome. A high ened speaker for sure. I am more than pleased.
Although very good I wonder what else would be available for the same money. They are quite nice though. The sound is very good and the build quality and overall look of the speakers are excellent. They are built like they cost a lot more than did and they sound sweet top to bottom. Extended open highs and well defined rich yet tight sounding well controlled bass. A huge improvement over their younger brother the BD2's. The midrange is smooth without being overdone. The Morel drivers in a sealed real wood box do make the difference in sound worth twice the BD2's at least.