experience with TG audio tonearm cable?

looking to upgrade the tonearm cable on my teres/moerch/allaerts/michell delphini pro analog setup. have been using a vdh 501 silver hybrid but i'm reasonably sure that despite extended break-in that it is a limiting factor imparting a "dryish" sound to my LP enjoyment. i'm somewhat remote in location and the cables i'm interested in are not available for audition nor am i close to a metropolitan area. am looking to spend ~$500, and the bob crump designed TG audio cable can be had for just about that. he apparently does not allow audition, and i'm a little leery of buying sound unheard on such a critical link in the system. perspective/advice/alternatives are welcome! have a good one!
i'll assume that its the same tonearm cable bob uses with his personal rockport TT, which i've heard many times at bob's place. the sound he gets is very nice. extremely dimensional, great height / depth / width and an incredible stage...palpable is the word that comes to mind---its got a pulse. his analog setup would be extremely difficult to fault.

i'm using TG cables throughout my system (feel free to peruse) and have been very satisfied w/ them (though i don't have analog, so i cannot comment on it other than as per above)

Music Doc, you have done your research! I think your TT with its mass is perfect for the Tg Audio tonearm IC. It is sheilded, and can be stiff/heavy as a result of the sheilding Bob uses. This is the only issue I have ever heard anyone leavy against Bob's tonearm IC. So if you have a delicate suspension (Michell or Linn) you might be better off with a SilverBreeze (no where near as good an Ic mind you, but close enough if your suspension is a concern).

Also, if you see a used Highwire tonearm Ic check it out as well. Not quite Tg Audio, but damn near the SilverBreeze just not as "wet" a soundstage as either of the other 2. The SilverBreez is a bit "wetter" of the 2, like a damp fog is inbetween the players in the stage. But the Tg just sings; MUCH better bass, both in terms of focus, speed, precision, pitch, PRaT, boogie, much more rosin bow and body if you will. Thus you have a bigger stage with better seperation and focus. The Tg also has more hall info - but not in a Hifi way. Just Musical as all get out.

Super quiet, all the things Ryan said applies to the tonearm Ic as well - even more so as it is at "THE" source.

Just be patient upon ordering. Bob's IC's are priced just right, as you get a hell of a steal considering how incredible they sound; but you have to wait for Bob to build 'em and burn them in - patience is the hardest part of ordering from the CrumperPhonic (hard to do for most audio geeks I know).
Hell, I'm slower than that! The reason the TG HSR works so well is I drive the heck out of it on a break-in rig for a while before shipping.....Musicdoc, I would make do with the VDH for a while and do the new High Purity TG HSR as it is quite a bit better than the standard TG HSR, but costs twice as much....A lot of the problem with the VDH can be "fixed" with a few days on my break-in rig so shoot me an email if you would like me to run this for you as it is probably bright on peaks and the rig will take this out....Silver will not break in at the voltages from a MC cartridge....It will cost you one of your best live CDs is all.....Oh, for a custom wire I normally want a restocking fee as everyone wants something different and they would just sit here forever until I happened to have a request for exactly the same wire.....I have had two sets returned in seven years so imagine you would like them, but save your money for the new High Purity version as it is much cleaner, sweeter and has better focus.....
I am also looking for cable that goes from step up to phono amp. The High Purity TG HSR sounds promising, where can I find one?
Thanks in advance.
Wsin, the TG HSR-High Purity is relatively new, but so far those who have heard it like it a ton, including myself. Enough said, as besides being an audiophile I'm also a TG Audio dealer, located in the Chicago area. If you'd like to know more, feel free to contact me offline.

Brian Walsh