Experience with Sumiko Celebration II

Anyone here have any experience with this cartridge. I am budgeting to replace/upgrade my Shelter 501Mk II. I am generally pleased with the shelter, actually very happy with it. But a cartidge does not last forever so I am starting to look for replacements. Do to the fact that I live so far from any dealer it will take some time to audition some options so I want a manageable A list. Thanks, David.
If you like the Shelter 501 you might want to consider the (more expensive) 5000/7000/9000 line of cartridges
I run the original Celebration. The Celebration II I believe is a very small update.

The Celebration Anniversary will be a bigger upgrade as it is a total

redesign. It is still in prototype form, but I have been told it has

a better leading edge, and more detail than the standard.

I think that is what I am going to consider, once it's

released around the new year.

I have been very happy with the Celebration.

I chose that cart since the table I was running it on

didn't allow for ultra precise set up, and the Celebration

is designed to offer great sonics without being setup

to the Nth degree (since most people can't get that level of prefection)

The Celebration on my new table/arm sounds amazing. My Phantom

arm allows for much more precise setup so I am tempted to try a cart

that requires more precision, but I'll proably go with the Anniversary.

When the Celebration was $1500, it was a no brainer. The $2000

price level of the Celebration II puts it within the price range of other

excellent carts.

I do know that the entire Celebration line was designed to offer sonics

comparable to carts that retail for double each's prespective price.