experience with Sonic Horizons pc s?

Does anybody have experienc with these budget pc's?
I bought the Hurricane Power "strip" over a year ago. Basically, it is their Hurricane PC hooked up to a four outlet box. I felt that the music was "clearer"...I guess that translates to a quieter background, better bass definition, and less noise. Even though I've upgraded to a PS Audio P300 Power Plant this "strip" remains in my system. My favorite "inexpensive" PC remains the Custom Power Cord Company Model 11.
I have three Skylines, one Hurricane, and a Silver Moon. I believe that the Skyline is the best value for the money. I have had two Harmonic Tech A/C-11n's and two Synergistic AC Master couplers ( one with WATTaGATE plugs ) and the Skyline really blew them both away. I now have a PS 300 Power Plant and it really sent the sound into orbit. But the Power Plant does not like filtered cords so I use the Synergistic on it. The Silver Moon is on my Krell amp and it is great although I am not certain that it is much better that the Skylines. I think that they are the best power cord value around. Especially the Skylines. ( And they take trade-ins ) They are hand made by Harry at HCM Audio and they are great people to work with. They make great headphone extension cords also.