Experience with Rotel RA 1062 integrated...

Hi, I am considering buying the Rotel 1062 integrated to mate with my RCD 1072. What are your impresssions of this amp? I will be driving Quad 22L's soon to arrive. This system is recommended by TAS. I currently use a McIntosh MA 6500 but I'm thinking move the Mc buy the Rotal and pocket some $$. Toughts?
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A very good amp with a little extra bottum end and top end. You may like this if you feel the Quads are lacking in this area. (which they are but who cares when you hear the mid range.) I would also look at a comperably prices Arcam that would make the midrange on the Quads the best they can in this price range.
Thanks, that's interesting. I have been able to play the Quads and they are impressive. I have an RA 1062 on the way to play with. I haven't decided if a sub will be needed to augment the bottom end. Most speakers I've owned benefit from some bass help.
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If you go with a sub there are only 2 to consider. Find a used Kinergetics, (stereo tower versions) or a REL. (REL brand new at full retail is still a steal.)
Hello, beernut. I have the RA 1060 and the RCD1072. The reviews recommended Quad 211l/ 22l. There is a post states Quad 22l is too bright and edgy. I am looking for a speaker to tame the harsh/ bright high of my Rotel Ra1060 and rcd1072. I am considered the Quad 22l but know I am confused. I live in a big city of TX but there not too many real Hi-end dealers too audition for speakers. What's your take on the Quad 22l?
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I wouldn't say the RA1060 is "harsh", but it certainly makes it's presense known in the top-end. But I've heard far "warmer" amps sound much more fatiquing. Perhaps the Rega R5 is your solution? It's supposed to be very moderate / flat / unexciting, which may be what the doctor ordered for the RA1060.