Experience with Response Audio Music Bella Custom preamp?

Anyone have experience with the Response Audio Music Bella Custom preamp vs. others such as the PrimaLuna Dialogue, which I have now, or the Don Sachs custom 6SN7 preamp? I’m looking at preamp options other than PL’s in the upper teens/lower-mid 2K range (used or new pricing) and just came across Bill Baker’s assortment, which I’d never heard of. Since unlike some of his other work the Custom model is not widely reviewed, and there’s no return period, so I’m trying to get a feel for what it offers.

I prefer a naturally or modestly warm, emotionally involving sound. I played classical piano for nine years as a kid and attend a lot of concerts, so accurate tonality is where it starts for me. What is typically called neutral leaves me cold (no matter how mesmerizing the audiophile "sound effects’). The preamp would be fed by a heavily modified Oppo 203, digital only, and a Lampi Atlantic TRP dac, with a pair of ATC SCM19A active floorstanders on the other end, and a PS Audio P15 regenerator in there too. Thanks,
The early Musica Bella preamp that I had was more about dynamics than nuance. Bill has designed many more elaborate models since that version. With his experience, he can probably deliver any sound you wish. Personally, I wouldn’t purchase a pivotal component like a preamp without hearing it first. It could be risky trying to re-sell it, if there's no trial period.