Experience with Psvane KT-120 power tubes

Hi everyone

Has anyone tried the Psvane KT-120 tube yet in any of their amps? If you have could you post your thoughts on the tube vs any others you have experience with? A couple of days ago I stumbled upon the Psvane KT-120 tube but couldn't find any other information about it or reviews.


The reason I ask these questions is I only found one e-tailer selling these tubes for $185 USD per pair. That is currently way out of my price range for me to buy, try and re-sell.

I looks great but I'm curious about the sound. My experience with Chinese power tubes is limited. I've only used the solid plate Penta Labs KT88SC and I found it to be a good sounding tube in my Jolida amp.

Thanks in advance.
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Saw these today for the first time as as well, don't know if this is a new tube or an old discontinued one. The grant fidelity site says they are not in stock.
Hi Milsap195

I saw the PSVane KT-120s on Grant Fidelity site as well and contacted them via Audiogon to find out if and when they are going to be in stock but haven't heard back from them. I think the PSVane KT-120s are new because I think the Shuguang KT-120s were released only early last year. I hope others can confirm if the PSVane KT-120s are new and how they sound.

Thanks for the heads up. I haven't seen the usual tube outlets offering these tubes. They must sound good though. Look at the high-fashion black box and cool glass innards.
I think these are premium Shuguangs. Grant Fidelity is the official importer.