Experience with Proac 1SC & 2A3 SET

I heard the Air Tight Music Maestro (5W) on Proac 1SCs and it sounded pretty good on a variety of classical, jazz and vocal but the dealer is out of business and none close to Metro Detroit. Would like to hear from anyone that has or has heard one of the 2A3 based amps on the Proacs. Thanks.
I had a pr of the 2S and it sounded pretty good with a Sun SV-2A3 amp - excellent detail and staging, acceptable bass response (not quite matching the 2S specs) . My only caveat would be that if you like your music loud, this isn't the best combination. 3.5 watts just can't drive 88dB speakers with any authority - especially in the bass. Then again, I don't think there are too many cone speakers that allow the 2A3 to do its stuff anyway. If you really want to hear the SET magic, you're best bet is to start with horns.
I've got a 300-B amp driving a pair of 1-SC's and it works well. I use a powered subwoofer with it.