Experience with Pear Audio or Analogue Works

I was hoping someone may have some experience with either one
of these lines. I am planning on hearing both this month. The Pear
in NY, and the AW in Mass. It's always great to have thoughts or
opinions from others. Anyone familiar will know this, but they both share
a similar design to the Nottingham's. Pear Plinths are solid wood or layered
wood ply, depending on model.... AW plinths are layered wood ply. The Pear are
generally sold with what appears to be the Nott arm. The AW is also offered with
the Nott arm,  BUT also more commonly with other choices, such as Jelco.
Just for clarification, the arm which I am referring to as a Nottingham arm is
called the CORNET 2. Thanks in advance.
Start by push on platter works easy, and no problem because of high mass.
Also, speed changing takes a few seconds by shifting belt.
Speed stability is good.
Advice to check out models that come with isolated motor, so free standing from plinth. Quess from Kid Howard and up.
Also, try look for a ( custom made?) cover.
I had Interspace Junior with 2M black couple of years.

Good luck and have fun on your demo with this great looking tables!