Experience with North Creek Speakers

I was reading some old audiogon forums and found a speaker company named North Creek. Their speakers seems quite interesting. I was wondering about individuals experience with their floor standers. Thanks, Steve
If you've searched North Creek here, you've seen my posts. I think my Eskas (with Lee Taylor boxes) are very fine within their limitations of size and price, and I recommend them. I've auditioned quite a number of speakers in the past two years, most of them a lot more expensive, and my esteem for North has only grown. I bet the new Big Kats are lovely, but they will be hard to audition.

Do you have specific questions, eg, about comparisons or your living space?

John, I was interested in the Rhythm/Revelator Signature which is something I would like to hear/audition. Thanks, Steve
Very hard to imagine getting more for your money elsewhere. North Creek speakers are a labor of love and I would have two pairs except they ran out of the kits I wanted before I had the money saved.

George Short is excellent to deal with and will be glad to set up an audition for you if you can get to his showroom.
Hi Steve. I think the Rhythm is "free field," which means it wants a good bit of space, unlike NC's "near wall specific" designs like the Big Kat. As Tobias says, George is easy to deal with; give him a shout. I think he's located in upstate New York; he might have a customer close to you, as well. I'm guessing cabinet work by Lee Taylor (with custom veneer from Certainly Wood) would add 1000-1500 to the kit price; this would result in stunning visuals.

Just to thicken the mix, a couple of other people who do very musical speakers in the North Creek vein are Rick at Selah and Fritz at Fritz Speakers.

Keep us posted! John
I second George at North Creek as a great person to deal with. I own the Manifest speaker kit and love it a giant killer. I would call or email him and see what he has he may be able to put something together for you . I know Lee Taylor makes great cabinets but I was able to find a local woodworker to make mine with North Creek's plans they came out great . I would also echo what the others said his products are great but there are other kits out there that also look to be giant killers .
The crossovers are complete overkill built with multiple cascaded caps and up to 8ga coils. If the cabinets are made to Northcreek specs you would be hard pressed to find a better cabinet made out of conventional materials, extremely non resonant. George has been great to deal with and I would seriously consider buying another pair if I needed more speakers but l already own the Rhythm Unlimiteds and Kitty Kats
Own North Creek Catamounts (Revelator Signature) with Lee Taylor cabinets. Cost about $4,200 shipped and compare, in my experience, to high-end two-ways in the 8-12k range. The Scanspeak Revelator drivers are superb; same for the crossovers parts. Cabinets were hefty, well built and finished, although perhaps not as refined looking as some other high-end MDF/veneer cabinets. Sound gorgeous with Pass XA30.5 (used to run with BAT VT60, but prefer the new amplifier by far). Would purchase again in a second, accepting the inherent limitations (and benefits) of a two-way. Occasionally think of buying a pair of Rhythms for more bottom end, but afraid of losing the Catamounts' detail and soundstaging--it's an incredibly balanced and well behaved speaker. Good luck.
As all of you must know, Norths are hard to audition. (One reason I'm hesitant to go with them when I move from my Eskas). I wonder if people would like to get a home audition list going here? I'm in st. Louis, and would be happy for people to check out my Eskas.

If you're around the SE Michigan area there is a nice pair of Rythmns for sale on Craigslist. I'm in no way affiliated with the seller

ordered a rhythm kit a few years ago, which was a bit of a gamble, as I'm from south africa. best move I've ever made regarding my audio system. haven't even thought of upgrading, but if I'd ever considered an additional set up, the speakers would come from george short...