Experience with Newform Research?

Anyone have experience with the Newform Research ribbon loudspeakers...dynamics, imaging, ease of use, etc?
I have a pair of 840 which were easy to setup. They no longer make this unit. The soundstage is good and detail is above average. A very good speaker with a weird look though.
I have a pair of the model 30s with a Definitive Tecnologies subwoofer. The imaging is very good and above average detail. Be prepared for a quite different sound than a box speaker. If you listen to loud rock and roll, then this is not the speaker you want. A good value for the price. One thing about the setup, make sure if your equipment is between the speakers, to set the front of your speakers several inches forward of the front part of your equipment rack. This prevents reflection off the sides of your stuff. Audiogon site has a link to the Newform Research site in the manufacturers directory and they have a good explantion of the factors needed to set up properly. Easy to assemble, but you do have to get used to their strange look.
I had 645's. They image and soundstage incredibly well.Bass is tight and fast but not tons of it.They are a bit lean sounding,very fast and clear.They look weird,need to be pulled out a bit into the room and can handle dynamics and power.Good value,but check if they are right for your room.Although in some ways I miss them,I needed more bass,and more conventional looks. They sure do float a piano into the room. They can be trialed,but do your homework first. The owner of the company is a real nice guy to work with. Take care--