Experience with Modwright products?

Currently, I'm running in a Modwright LS99 preamp and KWA 99 monoblocks.  I have a dealer friend who wants them broken in or me to buy them or both. :)

Other than hearing Modwright products and briefly chatting with Dan at shows (he seems like a wonderful human and humble), I don't have any experience with their products. 

I thought my next move was going to Luxman, Allnic, Audio Research, or even a Japanese tube integrated.  Wow, am I impressed with this package out of the box. The linear Mosfet design with Class A up to whatever it is (say 25 watts) is really appealing to me. I run large horn loudspeakers. Just loving what I hear so far.

I have to imagine the products are built as well as they feel and service and relaibitily are stellar. Resale looks strong too. 

What experiences do our fellow 'Goners have with Modwright?  

Thank you all for your opinions and insight. 



@jbhiller , Very much appreciated. It's very hard to find info about the sound of these units. Plenty of info about all the other Modwright  products.

Thanks again JB

Can you make it to AXPONA?  An Illinois-based dealer I love will be there and will have it on display for use.