Experience with Miyajima Takumi Cartridge?

I'm wondering if anyone has heard this cartridge and can offer some thoughts on it?

Also, if anyone can compare it to the Shilabe, that would also be useful.

I'm amazed no responses here, It has wonderful reputation especially considering the cost..
You can hear it in our showroom in NYC, against the Kansui, and decide for yourself.

Jonathan Weiss
I've not heard it either but based on word of mouth am thinking of getting one. It's a bit heavy so I'm checking on compatibility with my arm (Audio Origami RB7). Someone share there listening impressions please!
I should have one sometime next week. I'll post first impressions after a few days of listening.
I have a M Zero mono cartridge. It is very good, but lacks the ultimate smoothness and sophistication of my pricier Koetsu. In my opinion, in my system.
@lakeallen thanks for posting those impressions...not
It's an old thread as i can see.
Miyajima Lab already released Kansui and Madake top of the line.

I have asked agon used about latest Miyajima carts in my thread:

No doubt that the Takumi is a budged line beaten by more refined models (Shilabe and later Madake).