Experience With Grover Cables?

Hi folks. Anyone using the Grover IC's or speaker cables? I'm making some adjustments to my system and these are reported by some to be high quality and affordable. Thoughts? Thanks as always.
They are remarkable for their price, and outperform many high priced cables. Money back guarantee, it's easy to find out for yourself. He's a good guy, too. Cheers,
Anyone have phone contact information for Grover?
Here is his email from a couple years ago. Grover Hoffman. shoffman2@socal.rr.com

I would not get you expectations too high. I was not impressed with the two pair I bought. If you want, I could send them to you to hear. I think my friend who has them now has also replaced them.

His present email address is:


And there is a thread on the Steve Hoffman web site dedicated to his cables.
If you search over at www.head-fi.com there have been several reviews and comparisons of all the different models and upgrades of his cables.
In my experience, they are great value and outperform most other cables at a fraction of the price. Read the threads on stevehoffman.tv. Cheers,