Experience with Goldmund Mimesis 18.4 mono amps

I'm thinking to upgrade from Goldmund SRM-2.3 mono amps towards Goldmund Mimesis 18.4 mono amps, does anyone have experience with these amps ?

Regards Jan
I have 18.4 and Epilogue 1. 18.4 has more balanced sound than 28 or 29. If you like the sound of Goldmund, you'll love 18.4. DA Converter included sounded better than 21+ in my system.
Dear Sir,

I musing the 28M now, could u eloborate what u mean by balanced?

Is it more agressive or transparent?

I had compared the Telos 600 with the 29.4 monos and the Telos is far more quiet.

Is ye experience with the 18.4 the same?