Experience with Genesis lens and Audit/Tactic

I was wondering if anyone out there has had direct experience with both the Genesis digital lens, and the Audient Technologies Audit/Tactic in their system? I am currently running a PS Audio Lambda with an Audio Alchemy 2.0, PS2, with a Camelot Uther and Audit/Tactic for my front end. I think the 2.0 to be the weak link in the system and actually read that the Lambda's jitter may actually be worsened by the Alchemy 2.0. My plan is to remove the 2.0, the Audit and Tactic, and replace with the Lens, shortening the signal path and upgrading to the Lens. What are thoughts on keeping the Audit/Tactic in the system with the lens? AB-ing will obviously yield the sonic answer, but I was curious on what some responses would be on how "sound" this move would be. Thank you in advance for your thoughtful reply and happy listening.
I'm using a Theta Basic II, which is very similar to your Lambda, feeding an Alchemy 2.0 then a Genesis Lens and finally a Theta Gen Va balanced. All three digital cables are balanced Tara Decades. It sounds wonderful!!! I've had the 2.0 and Lens in and out several times and it sounds much better with both of them in the system. Shortening the signal path does not seem to matter in the digital domain. I've heard of people cascading Alchemys and noticing an improvement with each one added up to FIVE.
I have both the Audit and Tactic with the Genesis lens. As soon as I remove the Audit or Tactic I hear the sound stage get smaller. I have used these for years and they work as advertised. To bad the company went out of business.