Experience with FIM Gold i/cs?

I have read a rave review of their s/cs on this forum, but none on their i/cs. Any experience out there, please?
I'm currently using a pair in my system in between the cdp and pre. If you have used their pc before, I would say that the sound is somewhat similar. What I have noticed is these cables are dynamic, full-bodied, neutral (leaning towards warmth,) fairly balanced (with a smidge weigh but firm control towards the bottom end,) and smooth. The highs and mids are fairly articulate but not as focused as the other cables in my system (Purist Venustas), but the trade-offs are what I've mentioned. Nice cable overall imho, and I would've used them through-out my system if they're not such a hassle to use.
I use the Gold FIM/Cable Research Labs Interconnects in every location of my system. They are some of the most dynamic IC's I've ever owned, great micro dynamics, great soundstaging, great focus.

All you do is spend 20 seconds bending them into place and you are done. I've never had a problem with their stiffness. I've always thought of it as a benefit, the cable stays where you bend it, it doesn't move.