Experience with Einstein TU-3 cartridge

Hi :-)
I have a Lyra Titan (the "old" version, not the "i"), on a TriPlanar MkVII and a Pink Triangle Anniversary. I use the Pass Labs XOno phono stage.
Sounds excellent!! :-)
But, my cart has many hours now, and I have to plan a replacement. The Titan "i" is an alternative, but I'm allso curious about the Einstein TU-3. Anyone having experiences with this one??
The XOno is flexible regarding load and gain settings, and I think the arm should match the TU-3.
But what can be said about the sonic signature? I want a neutral sounding cartridge, but not more analytical than the Titan which sounds great with BAT VK-51SE and Welborne Labs monos in thew signal chain.
Playing on Avantgarde Duo speakers.
Playing all kind of music, but most jazz, folk, country and pop/rock (vocals are important!)
Thanks in advance, best regards
Dear Olaps: IMHO I think that a " natural " way/road could be through the Titan i due that you like the Lyra experience.

I can't say to much on the TU-3 due that I only heard it once for a brief time but even if you go for it or the Titan i here is a very good alternative with MM/MI cartridges that I think is worth to try it ( I'm sure you will be surprised of its very high quality performance. ):


Regards and enjoy the music,