Experience with Dynaudio Audience 82??

I am looking at a mint pair locally tonight and wondered if any of you have experience with this model? 4 ohm/87 db but easy impedance curve I understand. I know I'll need high current amplification to really make them sing, and am thinking of a big Pass Labs (250 or 350) or maybe a Bel Canto 1000 monoblock set up. I have a pair of Sherbourn 1/300 monoblocks that I am going to use for now (300 w into 4 ohm). I'll try to listen with these tonite if the owner will let me use them in his system. He has them hooked up to a Parasound amp now (1200 HCA I think). I am looking at moving to a bigger house with bigger rooms and would use these in a kicking 2 channel system. I listen to rock, jazz, bluegrass and classical. The other components I will use would be Adcom GFP750 pre, Bel Canto CD1 for source. Cardas Golden Cross XLR and Kimber silver streak ICs. Thanks for your feedback and experiences with these.
As a dealer I have a lot of experience with the 82's. It's definitely a FUN speaker for sure! You are thinking correctly in that the Pass Lab or other high current amplifier will help the 82's. Especially, at low to moderate volume levels. As a Sherbourn dealer as well, their amps are quite beefy, but the monoblock amp you have is not the greatest compared to the Pass Labs, Bel Canto, etc.

Here are some other amplifiers that would work great with the 82's as well.....Parasound Halo A21 and Bryston 4B-SST.

Let us know how your audition goes.
Thanks Tony. What is a typical used price on these?
Hard to tell at the moment. There is so much product out there from just about every manufacturer. There are some really GREAT deals that can be found on both new and used product. The 82's rarely are seen here on Audiogon, though. You'll have to be very patient and snap them up if a pair should come available.

The 82 has since been replaced by the X36 Excite series. There is some new inventory that is still available, though. Expect to get a great discount on a new model.

Hope that helps!
Well, I picked them up last night from the original owner for a very fair price, mint, with all packing materials. The owner's setup wasn't the best (had the gain turned way down on the amp, which seemed to limit the current and add noise) but I see the potential to build out a really fun, rocking setup.
I wasn't that impressed with the midrange which seems to lack detail and is a bit recessed, but the top end is nice and smooth. They can set a wide, deep soundstage. Bass seemed tight and smooth. And my feet and fingers were tapping--pretty musical for large, entry level speakers.

Now to find the right amplifier....he he he. Am thinking Bel Canto Ref 1000 monoblocks, Krell, Pass, Parasound Halo, McCormack DNA 500....something big.
Thanks Tony for your advice!
The dealer in Portland uses Arcam and MacIntosh amp for their Dynaudio set up in there demo room..... I don't know of any model number....
Thanks Wader, the owner is an installer who works at a local HT store and he said if he had the money he'd go McIntosh with these speakers....As an old Deadhead I'd love that blue glow in my listening room.......