Experience with Denon 100th Anniversary Components

The 100th Anniversary Denon components are of some interest to me, but have no chance of hearing them where I live.

I would like to hear from those of you that may own or have heard them...any thoughts?
Hmm, anniversary products are an interesting breed.

I wonder if they are mostly the vendor's way of getting the consumer to pay more as a tribute/anniversary gift to them?

Interesting marketing concept. Not sure of the value to the consumer unless these things might retain value better over time maybe?
I've been interested on trying the Denon AH-A100 (100th anniversary) model, i wonder how they compare to the other models on their line.
I have listened to the Denon 100th Anniv. SACD player quite a few times and it sounds fabulous. The player is warm, detailed, very musical, one of the best I have heard.
Thanks to all for your input.
I'm interested in them too. I have an older 3805 receiver and use the "Pure Direct" mode when I listen to stereo music. Will the 100th anniversary integrated amp sound exactly the same as my receiver for music listening? Never compared an integrated and receiver from the same brand before. Any thoughts?