Experience with Coincident Speaker Wire?


I have Sim Audio Components connected to Magnepan 3.6/R speakers. I recently have been auditioning a variety of interconnect cables, and found the Coincident CST IC to be the best compromise in my system for the money. If anything, just a tad towards the "hot" side of neutral. But very well balanced, indeed. I will be purchasing these.

Now I know my speaker cables need replacing, and am wondering about the TRS. Maggie owners usually recommend biwire to avoid the nasty jumpers and internall connections within the single-wire connector on the Maggie Xover. I think Magneplanar recommends biwire also for their speakers.

I am wondering:

1) Can anyone share their experiences with Magnepan speakers and the TRS cables(or cheaper CST 1 cables)? Is this a good marriage? Should I use bananas on the speakers and spades on the amp for maximum connections.

2) Do you think going for the internally biwire configuration will help with the Maggies. Mr Blume of Coincident generally doesn't recommend biwire per other posts. I asked him specifically about my setup in email, but he just responded with the price of biwire and ignored my questions...so I need more help.

3) Any other alternatives within the price-range of <$1000 for speaker cables?

I appreciate any help and/or advise

I'm using CST-1 speaker cable bi-wire with my set up (Cary CD 303/200, MF A3cr pre, MF A300cr power amp, Nakamichi DR-8 tape deck, B&W N804s) and I can tell you that they're awesome. Bass response goes down about an octave more and the sound is full and rich with a crystal clear top end. No tizziness, sibilance or harshness. It's simply an amazing cable regardless of cost. I use spades all the way around 'cuz I think you get the best connection with 'em.

Can't comment how it will match with the Maggies, but I have every reason to believe the sound will be awesome.

As for the bi-wire issue, it really depends on the speakers. The Coincidents are purposely not made for bi-wire, while my B&W N804s are specifically designed that way. Best guess is to call Magnepan and ask 'em what they recommend.
Thanks Rlb61,

I appreciate your taking the time to comment. By chance did you consider the TRS cable, or was it not out yet? Have you heard anything about it? Other than a relatively positive Soundstage review, I haven't heard really very much about it by anyone.

It seems that nearly everybody using Coincident Products runs them with Tube gear of some kind. I am wondering if overall it(Coincident cables/speakers/etc...) would tend to be too bright for many solid state setups. Thoughts about this?

Thanks again!
My entire set up is solid state and the CST-1 speaker cable sounds slammin'. I think a lot of people use Coincident SPEAKERS with tube gear because they are highly sensitive and can handle low power amps such as SETs. As for the CABLE, it sounds great no matter what. And I am a BIG solid state fan.

Now, I haven't heard the TRS, but it is approximately double the cost of the CST-1. I think you have to determine where the cost of diminishing returns lies. For me, the recommendation from my dealer was the CST-1 over the TRS since I was looking for a fuller, richer bottom end. I've heard the TRS is geared more towards the mids and uppers - so, you really have to determine your needs.

Hope this helps.