Experience with Cary SLP 2002 preamp?

I'm looking for a new preamp, probably tube, to use with a Cary 306/200, Levinson 336, B&W Nautilus 802's and dual stereo NHT SubTwo's. Silver Audio cables throughout. Anyone have experience with the SLP 2002 or another Cary preamp you believe is substantially similar?
I have owned the 2002 for over a year. I started with the stock tubes. They were OK for breakin and the combo of BelCanto 200.2 amp and Cary was great although somewhat dry. I eventually tube rolled it and settled on Telfunken 6DJ8s and Bugle Boy 7316s, but Mullard CV4003s are almost as good.
Changed BC to Cary Rocket 88 which was sweeter, then moved to V12i four months ago. This is all I need. The remote is small and basic, but after a while,you realize volume and mute are all you need.
I have had no real problems with my 2002 and neither have any other owners I have met at Audio Asylum.
I almost forgot to add that the 2002 has a killer tubed headphone outlet. I used it early on with the stock tubes and wasn't impressed since I used a Headroom Maxed Out Home headphone amp. I didn't let it warm up enough I know now. About a month ago, I used it again after it had been on about two hours. Absolute killer. On A/Bing it with the MOH, it was more dynamic, smoother and had a great soundstage. It's powered by the 12AU7s so the 7316s really come through. I just sold the MOH here last week.
I remember reading somewhere in the forums that one guy had a Cary SFP98, bought the SLP2002, and regretted it. I wonder if it is because the SLP2002 uses 6922s and the SFP98 uses 6SN7s. Actually, in Cary's cheaper preamp (forgot the number), he uses 6SN7s also. Wonder why he opted for 6922 in the 2002?
I opted for an all-Cary system, in part, because my ability to assemble a system with good results is somewhat limited. I was fortunate enough to enjoy numerous listening sessions with Dennis Had at John Rutan's shop (audio connection) in NJ, where I heard the 306 coupled to the SLP2002 with the Rocket 88 amp all driving Nautilus B&W's. It was the best the B&W's have ever sounded to my ears, but I must say even though I owned a pair of Matrix 802's for ten years they were never to my liking. I eventually switched to a pair of Spendor 1/2e, which I have mated to the all-Cary system and I have never been happier. The sound is silky-smooth, I never have to worry if music is "well-recorded". I'm able to enjoy a wider variety of music than ever before and no longer try to analyze my system looking for a "weakest link".

Sorry if I got off point, but I thought you might like a little background to see where I've been. I love the Cary gear, and find the synergy to be excellent, I've had no problems in the year that I've owned it. If you're looking to add some warmth to your system, I recommend the Cary without reservation.

I heard the same system as Mike above at Audio Connection, and bought the slp2002, 306/200, & Rocket, but using w/Quad ESL 63 USA. Have also rolled tubes(partially on Claude's advice), like the bugle boy 6922s in the pre.
I'm happy w/my slp2002. It also has higher gain than many other preamps, which is nice if using an amp like the Rocket88.
I am the guy who regretted the 2002 in my system. I just thought the 98 was a more musical piece, and ended up buying a new one in the carnival red laquer (much easier to keep clean than the chrome) with remote (which is standard now). Also, the looks are to die for vs the very bland 2002. That said, sonically I prefer the 6SN7s in the 98 vs the 6922s in the 2002 in my system. The guy i sold the 2002 absolutely loves it though, as he runs a full balanced system with Krell amps. I ran both on a V12i with no problems, although I sold the V12i as I want to go back SS to drive more inefficient speakers.

I have seen the linestage version on a'gon for 1300 sans remote, which is a steal.