Experience with Caig's ProGold G5?

Upon several recommendations I decided to get a 5.0 OZ spray can of this stuff and I just sprayed it on all my interconnects, speaker cable spades and power cord plugs and sockets.

Simply, WOW!

The treatment really opened up the soundstage considerably, and I thought I had a really good system to begin with. This $15 tweak is a must have. It is as good as the record Research vinyl cleaning products I have been using for the past year. There is much more depth in front to back dimensionality as well.

Anyone else who is a convert or critic care to comment on this treatment?
I had the same positive experience with ProGold. During the process of spraying so many metal connectors, I accidentally sprayed some on my hand; now even my own singing in the shower sounds better :>) I have seen the ad for SilClear by Mapleshade Records on their website, and was thinking to try it next. It is supposed to yield even more benefit than the ProGold I already tried, and liked. If anyone has tried SilClear, would you please post your experience here, alongside ProGold comments.
TAS really loves Pro Gold G5, I do use it on AC cords & speaker cables but prefer Kontak for ICs. I never experienced the "wow" difference some claim, just very small positive worthwhile improvement.

I see new breed of expensive contact enhancers using suspended fine silver particles coming to market recently. Mapleshade has the SilClear and Walker has new product called Super Silver which has new review at 6 Moons:


Anyone tried these and had good results?
There are numerous ProGold products by Caig, how did you decide on the G5 spray? They also have GX5, G100L and Deoxit.

A friend went with a liquid intead of the spray, using pipe cleaners to apply. Any thoughts to which process is best?
I got some Walker SST last week, so far I have only put it on my plugs, speaker cables, and the IEC pins for my CD player. Still have to do IC's and (if I get the nerve) tube pins. Immediate and significant results were obtained. Most notable was in increase in the amount of bass and mid-bass information. Bass clarity and definition were still there, maybe even better, but there was clearly MORE bass. Granted, more is not always better, but this was more AND better. I got two more jars of it, and have sent them off to some audiophile buddies of mine. Waiting on their reports! For the price, it's certainly worth a try.