experience with Bryston BDA-1 ?

I recently bought a brand new Bryston BDA-1. It's connected to my pre-amp on one side and PC one the other side. From the PC, I have Lynx AES16 sound card connected to BDA-1 with Lynx cable snake AES. I am using mediaMonkey to play wave files riped from CD or hi-res files.
After playing for 2 weeks, I found that BDA-1 indeed outputs warm music but i) the sound is rather flatten or not as dimensional, and ii) the bass seem to be easily saturated or dull - as compared to the same music played from
my CD player (which is also connected to my preamp).
Am I missing anything , or
any suggestion to improve it to surpass CD music ?
ps: I played some Jazz and vocal (new or old recordings). Also, I turn the volume to 'mid low' level on mediaMonkey.
On the front panel there is an "Up Sample" button. Try it both ways... I like the sound better with the Up Sample Off.
Also, have had a better experience with Media Center player software. Are you using a dedicate "music only" computer? With the Lynx card and Bryston it should sound as good as a $5-10K CDP. Something is definitely wrong!
What format is your music stored in on your PC? It could also be the settings on your PC depending on the operating system you are using (Windows XP, Vista, 7, etc...). I would suggest going to Computer Audiophile (www.computeraudiophile.com) and check out many of the articles written on the correct PC settings you need to output but perfect resolution from your PC. Also make sure you are using one of the lossless resolution formats for any CDs you have ripped to your PC. If you are using mp3 or any other lossy format, it will not sound as good obviously versus your CDs.
o I have 'up sampling on', I can try to have it off tonite
o it's my 'music only' PC running Window XP.
What's Media Center player software' - MediaMonkey ?
What do I need to adjust or watch ?
o As I said, I riped CD to wave files (either using media
Monkey or iTune). Isn't ripping CD to wave files is
lossless resolution format? I also checked the bitrate
(1411)and filesizes.
o OK. I will go to computeraudiophile to see if I've missed
Make sure you are bypassing windows kernal. go download asio4all. what other gear do you have and what did the new dac replace? I haven't heard the Bryston but I have read a few comments on line that did report what you are saying about the dacs sound.
the Bryston is an excellent DAC, I've auditioned it... the problem is computer technology. I have several PC's and have done the same PC vs CD player comparison over SPDIF into a DAC. The CD player always wins hands down. Where the game changes is with asynchronous USB into a DAC, when I went that route with the HRT Music Streamer II USB DAC it blew away my DAC/ CD players. Apparently jitter is a big problem for PC digital output unless you use asynchronous USB. Unfortunately most audio DAC manufacturers aren't PC savvy, the USB on their DAC is the older synchronous solution which has no jitter correction between PC and DAC. Since you have 1 of the best DAC's you may want to invest in a Hiface Evo (~$200) as an asynch USB to SPDIF converter
Davide256... you are exactly correct on your analysis if he was using the normal SPDIF output of a computer. That generally comes right off the motherboard and you are correct that it has crazy levels of jitter. But then again what can we expect. The entire digital output was designed for computer games and probably has 50 cents worth of parts to do the whole job.

He is coming out of a Lynx audio card using AES/EBU. That's an $800 dedicated 24/192 studio audio card with Mac and PC OS spicific drivers, about as good as you can do. It has its own internal word clock and the jitter out of the card is very, very low. If you peek inside a $10K+ Sooloos you'll find a Lynx. OK, now it goes into the Bryston which also reclocks and reduces jitter. IMHO probably not a jitter issue.

I would more suspect that the Player software is not setup correctly and is being influenced by the OS drivers. I would uninstall MediaMonkey and then do a fresh install of either it or J.River Media Center. There are step by step installation guides on the manufacturers site or on Computer Audiophile... follow them exactly!

You have the correct pieces, keep at it!
Thanks for the suggestions; I will try to re-install mediaMonkey and look up audiophile over the weekend.

I don't think I am alone with this kind of setupm and I
thought this is getting popular.
Will be nice to hear story from similar setup (PC-LYNX-Brystone).
10-06-10: Cerrot
Make sure you are bypassing windows kernal.

This is a must...
May I know which software bypasses window kernel and how?
What's wrong if without ?
kernel streaming bypasses the windows kernel. Foobar 2000 supports it. Windows media player, Media monkey and most other players get stepped on by legacy Windows manipulation of the audio stream with no options to bypass using kernel streaming. iTunes and VLC are about the only players I can stand for casual listening without kernel streaming support.
downbload asio4all.
MediaMonkey told me that their version 4.0 has this probem resolved.
After a few months of playing my system, I have to conclude that this kind of computer music/sound card/DAC
is a low quality (as described earlier) but very convenient approach. For those who have been using iPod/iTune, they should see quality improveemnt. Viewed from an audiophile, the approach still needs a lot of improvement - long way.
1) if a ripped a CD and play thru computer/DAC, it sounds less full body & less resolution than I play the CD on my old Sony xa9000es.
2) If I play hi-res 96khz/24 bit file, the quality is closer (but not very close) to playing SACD.
3) I listened to my friend's another known-brand DAC which reads wave files from network drive (no sound card), the quality is about the same.

Note that I listen to LP most of the time, so the approach
is ever poorer when compared to play vinyl.

Thanks for everyone's input.
unless you use kernel streaming you will get a lifeless experience playing music back. I don't find ASIO or WASAPI acceptable for audiophile level of playback.
So_armonk...dCS has put together a Computer Audio primer that ought to help mazimize the performance of your PC through your Bryston DAC 1. Here it is: http://www.dcsltd.co.uk/page/assets/dCS_Guide_to_Computer_Audio.pdf. If you are running Windows (XP/Vista/7), go to page 22 and that is the beginning of the Windows set-up section that will show you all the settings you need to make sure are selected to optimize your set up. There are also sections on specific settings if you are using J River, Foobar, or MediaMonkey as your music management software. If you are using Apple OS then go to page 12 for best settings in that environment. I hope this helps.
One thing I found out recently wrt JRiver V14 (free version) is that you can no longer use ASIO/WASAPI etc. output or secure rips. Spending the $$$ on the media center is no big deal to get the features back but it's overkill for just sending PCM from computer to USB or Firewire output port. V12 still works just fine.