Experience with BAT-VK-75SE and Wilson Sophia2?

Please see my system for details. I am in the process of replacing my VK-31SE with a new, black VK-52SE. I currently have an all BAT system, including a two-tone VK-250 with BAT-PAK. I had planned on replacing this with a black VK-250 to match with my other components, but am also considering the VK-75SE. Does anyone have experience with the VK-75SE and the Wilson Sophias? In particular, were you able to achieve loud enough listening levels with this particular combination? Did you use the 8ohm or 4ohm taps?My room is 14.5 x16.5 x9 feet. Thanks
Hi Scott. Congrats on the 52SE ! I bet that is going to stellar in your system...

Over the years, I've ran a VK200, VK60 and then a VK75SE with my Watt Puppy 6's (at the time) in 2 different rooms. One about your size and one quite larger (my current room). I never ever ever thought the VK60 or VK75SE couldn't get loud enough. The BAT tube amps are more liquid, rich, invovling in the midband. Just honestly beautiful. The 75SE really improves on the VK60 especially at the extremes. It still may not have that dynamic "pop" that your VK250 delivers. Honestly you may like both a SS amp and a tube amp - for differing reasons.

Since the WP 6's, I ran a single 75SE (in my large room) on WP 8's, then went with Maxx 2's now 3's and BAT VK150SE's. The 150SE's lowers the noise floor and brings out more detail, and more ease to the music. Before I made all my recent system changes I went back to a single 75SE on my Maxx 3's, put on the master and commander DVD with the deep, loud cannon shots. The single amp did just fine, no breakup, delivered a good wallop.

I used both taps, you'll hear some slight differences, but I mostly ran on the 8 ohm tap with a single 75SE and the 8 4ohm tap with 150SEs...

I don't think you can go wrong with any of your amp choices above. I think you'll get to the point that 75SE has more beauty and the vk250 has more dynamics and bottom end control.

You won't be making a choice on loudness...they both are great with your speakers (or maybe other wilsons down the road :)
I was starting to think I didn't like the WP8's. I'd heard them with ARC 220 Ref's and top of the line Thetas. Wasn't moved at all. Then, at the '07 Denver show, there was a Rex/150SE setup with the Eights that was one of the best sounds at the show. I don't recall the source (digital) or cabling. I know the character of the Sophia II's is more akin to the Sevens, though.
Hope that helps.
I had the Sophias and 75SE- best sound i ever had. used 31SE, then 51SE as preamp.

the 250 is good (i auditioned both in same room at dealer), but the 75SE is leagues better. it has amazing bass response for a tube amp, and i never had problems in a large room with it---the Sophias are pretty efficient which helps.

btw, i felt the 75SE was better than the preamps for overall sound---the 51SE was remarkable, but i could totally see using a dac w/ volume control instead for a simpler system. (Alpha DAC would be the one i want to try)