Experience with Audioquest Redwood

There is only little info about this cable to find. Are there people who listened to the Audioquest Redwood? How do they compare with there competitors in there priceleague?
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Never heard Redwood, owned the Oak, very good, now the Wildwood, even better. I suspect Redwood is excellent and very competitive. IME the AQ cables get predictably better while going up the line.
I have owned a pair of redwoods for over a year now and I absolutely love them.

I previously had siltech LS-88 g5 classic.  The redwoods are in another class. 

I auditioned them against nordost Valhalla’s (much more expensive) the redwoods play the music completely open and freely.  They are very special. 

I use a 8watt 300b audionote amp, audionote mm phono, bobs step up, cadenza black on signature 10 project TT.  Guarneri hommage with a small sub.  Sounds amazing. 

The highs are are so realistic , sax sounds so real.  AQ knows what there doing.