Experience with Audio Electronic Supply PH-1?

I am upgrading my phono pre-amp. Someone I trust recommended the AES PH-1 because it is similar to the Cary Audio phono pre and has the same designer and build quality. I have a MMF-7 turntable with the stock Eroica high output cartridge. I cannot audition any phono pre-amp due to my location. Anyone with experience with this one? Thanks in advance for your reply.
I currently use one and rather enjoy it. If you decide to get one make sure you get the oil caps installed.I replaced a Grado phono stage with this and think it is a lot better. Also recently tried an AI modulus 3A. They were so close I could not justify the added cost.
This is just one persons opinion

Thanks very much for your reply. Any others?
i am building one right now. if you want i will let you know when i am finished.