Experience with Audio CD Recorder

I have a large LP collection, and I want to record 1500-2000 of them onto CD. I have a CD-R and recording software in my computer, but my PC and audio/turntable systems are at opposite ends of the house. Hence, I am considering the purchase of CD recorder that I can install in my audio system. I recently looked at a Philips dual-tray CD recorder on sale for $400, but am also looking at other models. Does anyone have experience with a good CD recorder that: a) installs in your audio system; and b) makes high quality CD copies of LP's? Any suggestions are appreciated.
If you have a cd player with a coax out you'll get better quality for your money out of a single tray the dual try philips only has 3db increments for an analog input so its harder to set a precise level. Go to a pro store guitar center etc and take a look at a tascam or a higher end marantz for better quality a/d converters
I use a Pioneer PDR-99 which I am very happy with. While it only records to CD-R (and not CD-RW) it is still capable of great recordings. Incidentally the top tip from me on Analog recording is to buy a record cleaner (I bought a second hand VPI 16.5) - it really does eradicate a huge amount of the clicks and pops that drove many folks (including me) from vinyl in the mid to late 80's and makes the recordings pretty darn cool