Experience with Argent Room Lens

I would be interested to hear from any members who may be so kind as to share their experience with this product.

The room lens system can make a significant upgrade to most systems. Maybe as much as a new amp. The difference they made in clarity, focus, pitch, imaging, and even bass response in my system and a friend's system were not subtle.
I started with three Argent Lenses, placed them in the room according to the websites hints and was so impressed I ended up constructing three more. I use 1 pair behind the speakers about a foot from the back wall placed behind my equipment rack(there was only one in the middle before I made the next three, the orginal pair about 2 foot in front of the speakers along the side walls to cover the first reflection point, and then added the second pair about 3 foot in front of those to work on the secondary reflection point. I tried a lens behind the listening chair and in my room it caused a suck out.
At any rate, I highly recommend this tweak and believe they can make a significant differnce in most systems.
Sgr, thank you for the reply. I contacted Argent, but it seems the room lenses are not currently in production.

It is pretty easy to make your own.
My homemade ones look and sound excellent!
Look up John Risch.
KP, there is a set for sale on audiogon if it has not been sold already.........
Yes, I agree with Sgr, the Argents are pretty effective in taming room resonance.
Good luck
KP, I'll cast a dissenting vote on this. I've heard Room Lenses help some systems but hurt others. In general the latter have been systems of greater resolution to start with, in which case imaging takes a turn for the worse. YMMV of course.

I'll check that out; I am legendary for my un-handiness but I might be able to recruit my brother in law.

Oh man, is nothing simple in this crazy hobby?

I think I will flip a coin...

Well, you guys may not beleive this but I did flip a coin. My wife dropped the change jar, so there were plenty of them around...

I flipped a nickle: heads - buy; tails - don't buy.

Landed heads... so I am buying the one listed on here.

How's that for scientific?

It actually made more sense than I lot of stuff I have seen lately, KP.
I've had room lenses for about 2 years. In my previous
set-up with CLS speakers, the room was damped with about
a dozen tube traps. This was way too many for my Alon
Circe's. With so many tube traps, the Circe's sounded
muffled. But with the tube traps removed, there were
room issues that went unresolved. Argent room lenses
solved this issue. With one placed between the speakers
and one on either side of each speaker, the soundstage
was wider and deeper with more stability. You can easily
tune the soundstage by moving the room lenses around.

I am sorry to hear that they are no longer in production
as I thought they were a very useful product and deserved
more success on the marketplace.

I agree with Brian. When I first got my Room Lenses, I put them into a living room system that was both lower res and had real room problems. They worked like a charm. Now, in a good dedicated, well treated room with a much higher res system, they hurt the imaging if I put them in front of the speakers. Specifically they diffuse the image by pulling it out from the center toward the sides. I still use them as diffusors, but I keep them out of the image-forming area in front of the speakers.
Thye came in today; I will fiddle with them for a while and post. The room is untreated, and I'd like to keep it that way.

From what I've read, the lenses are best used in untreated rooms. We shall see.