Experience with AES Cary Super Amp

Anyone have experience with the AES Super Amp in triode mode. Will be used to drive Proac 1sc. Thanks
I have one and like it. I've tried most of the tube combinations and like the Sovtek KT88 best. I also upgraded to oil caps. That brought more clarity to the hight end. I use it with an AES AE3 preamp (also with oil caps). -- Since I live in the sticks, I've never heard the Proac so I can't comment on the speakers.
I also have a AES Superamp (DJH version) and like it very much. In my opinion, one of the strenths of the Amp is the wide variety of tubes you can play with. While the stock KT-88's on the DJH were fine, I much prefer the EL-34 tube. Overall, I think the Amp delivers great value for the $. I liked it so much, I have picked up another AES Amp - the AES SE-1 SET Amp.

I think AES is a great way to get into tubes without breaking the bank.

Good Luck