experience with adona equipment racks?

any feedback pro or con about this manufacturers racks would be appreciated. for what it is worth, i will be using a plinus sa250 mkIV for front l&r speakers, a dreadnaught II for the balance of the 7.1 system. processor and source are undetermined at this point. system will be used about 70/30 for music/video. speakers are b&w n802's,n804's,scm 1's,htm 1,and n850 sub. thanks much.
I don't have experience with the equipment racks, but I did order some customer speakers stands and am very happy with the quality especially for the price.
I bought an Adona Nemesis III and am very happy with it. Paul Lemanski is a pleasure to deal with.

oz and yipean, thanks for your input.
i bought a 4' tall, w/ 5 shelves, and within a week, ordered two more legs and 3 extra shelves to expand it horizontally. it is extremely rigid, nice looking, and infinitely expandable/adjustable. i'e even got a 120 lb turntable on the top-most shelf, and it works wonderfully. i'd stack it up against the stuff from zoethicus and grand prix any day.


The overall design is great and simple. As stated above is infinitely adjustable and can be custom ordered. They are great to work with communication wise. I personally have a few issues with the design but was promised they are being addressed. Firstly, the fabricator made a mistake and the cross braces for the shelves were not properly sized and were welded very poorly. Secondly, the leveling device which was recently redesigned has a small rubber pad on top which will eventually slide out leaving just the brass for contact. Finally, the spike feet are only attached by a simple press fit nut which will allow them to wobble. All of these issues are being addressed by them and when completed should make for a superb product.
I found the Adona racks to be excellent. Build quality is first class and the sound improvements to my system were more than I could have imagined. Sound stage truly became 3 dimensional (with scott nixon Tubedac) and overal system just performed as an integrated unit as oppose to several separates. Previous rack was target and choice was between salamander or Adona. Paul built rack to my spec and clearly it is a better product than salamander from audiophile perspective.