Experience with Acoutic Zen, PAD and Furutech

Hello everybody,

I am looking to get a good set of cables (XLRs and Speaker Cable) for my system and would like to get some infos about experience anybody might have about various cables from Acoustic Zen, Purist Audio or Furutech.

My system consists of:
Wilson Benesch Chimera
Gryphon Antileon Signature Stereo
Gryphon Mirage
Linn Renew DS

The cables I am trying to choose from are Acoustic Zen Hologramm or Absolute, Purist Audio Aqueos or Proteus or Furutech Flux. I know there is thousands of other cables out there but I have tried to make a shortlist of models I can buy from dealers I have bought from before.

Any experiences?
I owned Acoustic Zen Silver reference II interconnects and Purist audio Aqueos speaker/power cables.

PAD is a very smooth cable, with a weighty bottom end. Acoustic Zen is very detailed and smooth with lots of texture.

You really should have a listen before you buy - both are excellent but will likely sound a little different in each system.
Since you have Gryphon it would also make sense to try Gryphon cables.
Purist Audio Proteaus newest revision is so much better than Aqueous.
You might actually end up with Gryphon or Furutech interconnects and Purist speaker cables, who knows?
Haven't heard the others, but I've had the AZ Silver Ref. IIs and Satori shotgun biwire cables in my system for years. I've had several other manufacturers in here, but nothing so far has unseated the AZs. What they offer is lots of detail that's not thrown at you but rather presented in a very natural way. Tonality is also very good -- you can hear all the woodiness of stringed instruments and full soundboards of pianos -- but again it's not overdone to make it sound overly rich or romantic. Again, just very natural sounding. Imaging and soundstaging are also as good as I've heard from other cables/interconnects in this price range.

If I were to point out any shortcomings, in my system they are not the last word in bass tightness/quickness, but again tonality is very good. I have not heard the more expensive lines from AZ so don't know if they're any better in this or other areas, but I'd assume they probably are.

Anyway, that's my experience and maybe some things to listen for/consider during your audition process. Best of luck in your search.
I listened one set at Hi-End Show in Brazil, with Gryphon amps, PAD (i didn't remember, but i think that was 25th anniversary, IC, spk cable & PC) and KEF Blades.

I liked so much, very correct in images and attack. So, i'm starting a new set in my car audio and i will put PAD cables in my set.
I'll take Acoustic Zen any day of the week