Experience wanted with Conrad Johnson GAT pre.

Does anyone own or have experience with the new GAT preamp. from Conrad Johnson. They have now gone back to using 6922 tubes (and only one per channel) and this tube is plentiful in many varieties so many possibilites. Specifically if you have heard one what is your experience compared to the other top units from Conrad Johnson such as the ACT2.2, CT5, or ART series or for that many matter other reference quality units. Can you breifly describe what you liked and or disliked in the new GAT series.
I am familiar with older CJ preamps, and totally unfamiliar with the new one's. They used 12au7 and 12ax7 tubes in the older units; these tubes gave them the classic "CJ glow". From what I have read, the new CJ's are neutral. From what I know, the 6922 is a very neutral tube. I hope this helps. Enjoy the music.
Thank you Orpheus as living where there are few dealers it is hard to audition any top end equipment and the dealer showrooms are sometimes less than ideal. I am after a more accurate preamp. that passes signal but does have tube magic so your comments help.
As a general observation, the GAT is far and away the beat sounding linestage I've used. I don't own one (wish I did), but spent a couple of days voicing a system for a client who had one.

I know this system inside and out, as I originally designed, installed and voiced it.

The caveat is that I haven't heard every preamp/linestage out there that is claimed to be at the top.
Thanks for the comments thus far and it is likely that there are not a lot of these units out there yet and many other choices. There is only one review on the GAT that I have seen posted and it did not get into specifics about comparisons of the older units. There was a small debate on the GAT vs. the ART 3 on this site but again the direct comparisons are hard to come by and I certainly understand why. It appears the GAT will be there best ever single box unit thus far and the ART 3 there best 2-box unit with both having distinct advantages and disadvantages.