Experience w/ Legacy Audio Speakers Focus 20/20

I've read some posts here and @ the asylum regarding Legacy Audio. I have a pair @ home for a demo and I'm very impressed with what I've heard so far; but I wanted to see if anyone has long term experience with them... in particular, the Focus 20/20.

I'm driving them w/ a CJ Premier 11A and, due to their incredible efficiency (96dB), it does a nice job. I'm curious if anyone has any suggestions regarding horizontally bi-amping with a Premier 11 driving the high/mids and (*insert amp here*) driving the lows. Any input is greatly appreciated.


I don't have long term experience with these speakers, but I can tell you for sure that you made a helluva good buy! I am going to buy a pair asap!!!
Have a nice day
I have a pair that I got last summer. They are really improved over the last Focus. I have used tubes (Mcintosh 2102) and ss (Mcintosh 352). I also biamp using both with stunning results.
I own a pair of the 20/20s in ribbon mahagony (check Timo's Reference System here on Agon). I am driving them with 2 Ayre V-3 ss amplifiers, one driving the mid/highs, one driving the lows. I would put this system up against any out there as being musically natural.

Since you have a CJ 11A, I would highly consider getting another one and bi-amping as I have described above. You will most likely get improved bass response/control and even better transparency in the mids and highs by reducing, among other factors, inter-channel crosstalk.

Have a blast!

I have owned a pair of Legacy Focus since Dec.'92 with nary a problem with drivers, cabinets, X-O's, etc. Well made and relatively easy to drive. Owned Legacy-1's and Sig II's prior to that, also trouble-free.

However, I think they are best driven with a SS amp, particularly on the bass sections. I have not tried tube amps. Did use an Eagle 4 on the tops, an Eagle 2 on the bottoms. The Eagle 2 added very little additional, so I drive them with the Eagle 4 alone. However, the Electron Kinetics Eagle amps are well known for their bass output and control.

Have not yet heard the 20/20's, but Bill Dudleston is not one to make frequent or casual updates. More evolutionary rather than revolutionary.

If you are not using a Steradian/Step One processor, consider doing so. At least in my room and system, it made a marked improvement and avoids messing with bass traps and other room treatments that drive our wives crazy. There is a good buy on a Step One on Audiogon now. Not affiliated with that seller.
Legacy says that the Step One is not needed with the new 20/20. I agree.
I purchased these Legacy Focus 20/20 in Jan-2003.Buy far it is the best speaker that I ever owned in 20 years. I have owned B/W 801-802,Klipsch Cornwall-BellekhornSnell C/V,Inifinity Kappa 9, Carver ribbons,Paradigm 100-40-20,
PSB Gold,Mirage OM7-OMC2-OMR2,Bose 901 and much more.I have invited some of my Audio buddys over to listen to these Legacy Focus 20/20,and they were all amazed buy the sound.A few of them are selling off there system just so they can buy a pair of these 20/20's. Yes they are expensive,but it is the best speaker that I have every owned.I will be happy with these for a very LONG TIME!!!!!
Lisavib if you compare the sound of Focus to the sound of Paradigm Studio 100, what can you tell us??I would like to hear from you as you have listened to both..
I compared the Legacy Classics to the Paradigm Studio Reference 100 when I was buying speakers. In my opinion, the Classics gave the Paradigms a whupping. The sound was better, more relaxed, the bass was better and the integration of the drivers was better. In addition the cabinet is a hell of a lot more attractive. I can only imagine the mismatch is way moe evident with the Focus.