Experience w Bybee products for AC power?

Comments from users?
I know the founder of Sablon Audio (see reviews from Sixmoons.com and Jeff Day)...and he really really likes Bybee a lot. Absolare uses Bybee in their power conditioner. A lot of custom-mod people use Bybee (see Oppo player mods). There are undoubtedly other manufacturers who use Bybee. I have not used them myself. just passing along information from reputable industry pros.
I was initially very skeptical about Bybee's claims and wanted to try these out since getting rave reviews in magazines. I started modifying my Benchmark DAC1 HDR by putting 2 Bybee slipstream on the 120 VAC input. This cleaned up my DAC by providing a fleshed out 3D music panorama. The Bybee is getting rid of low level electrical garbage that is un-noticed until you install these babies.

Also modified my Krell monoblock AC input with the larger slipstream with same effect. Finally installed Bybee's speaker bullets in my Apogee Duetta Signature. These are the best bang for the buck upgrades I ever experienced. It just get rid of layers of crap everywhere I install them! Very similar effect as using a top notch power conditionner.

Just installed a brand new Benchmark DAC2 and guess what is going to be installed on that AC input?

Thanks for the interesting post. Did your Benchmark had an aftermarket power cord when you tried this? Does it make a difference?
Do you run your system on dedicated power lines?

yet another shiny thing to go chase! :-)

I am using Shunyata Anaconda CX AC cords on all my gear including the Benchmark. The AC cord does make a difference, unlike what the engineers at Benchmark are claiming :-)

Digital and video gear operate on a dedicated 15 A circuit and filtered with a Shunyata Hydra V-Ray II power conditionner. My Krell monoblocks have a dedicated 15 A line each and connected directly to the wall outlet (no filtering). All wall outlets are Furutech. A good wall outlet makes a difference, mainly on the quality of the bass.
Dasign, have you used any other power conditioners on your digital? Just for comparison.
Just how big a difference does the V-Ray ll make to CD replay?
I recently traded a Bybee Stealth for a Holographic with the new Bybee power modules and as good as the Stealth is the Holographic is clearly one or two steps better.
Here's a link to a 23-page thread on DIYAudio about their experiences with Bybee products. YMMV.

I just .went with a new Bybee Stealth (latest revisions) with a combination of Furutech Gold and Rhodium outlets early last week. I had the good fortune of picking up a fully broken in version that had been with a reviewer until the week prior on a prior reserve order. The PP is gone and won't be coming back; I am ecstatic and blown away by what the Stealth is doing for my system, better imaging, even quieter and more black backgrounds, tube-like harmonics and overall sound, increased precision coupled with naturalness of images, instruments and voices,....this unit is beyond my expectations and is without a doubt the best I've had in my system........