Experience w/ 40-75 watt amps on Dunlavy IVs

I love my Dunlavy SC-IV improved speakers. no really, I do. They have been in residence longer than JM Labs Mezzo Utopias, Dynaudio Contour IVs, Thiel CS 5is, Apogee Mini Grands and Wilson Watt Puppy Vs.
The current amp is an Ayre V3 with all available updates. Preamp is an Ayre K1xe and sources are a VPI Aries with a Dynavector karat Mk II and an Ayre C5Xe. I really like the sound of the rig but have the itch to try something new in the way of an amp. I will keep the Ayre V3 but am looking a a lot of alternatives.

Music Reference RM 200 II HC ( 40 watts )
Pass Aleph 5 stereo
Stereo Knight M-75 monos
McIntosh MC 275 MK V
Pass Aleph 0s

All are in the 40-75 watt range. With the exception of the MC 275 and Music Reference all are in the sub 2k range used.
Having been down the Krell MDA 300 mono and VTL MB 450 route with other speakers, I am wondering if anyone has experience with moderate power into the SC-IVs. Most listening is done in the 85 db range BUT the occasional head banging evening will strike. I supplement the lowest octave and a half with 2 sealed 12" subs driven by good old ice power.

Any practical experience out there with 4- 75 watts of gas into the SC-IVs?
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Not exactly, but I have found the 35wpc PrimaLuna ProLogue 5 to work with reasonable success on my SCIII.A Dunlavys. Maybe not for headbanging, however.