Experience using Sorbothane under your CDP/AMP?

Does anyone have tried using Sorbothane cut out to pad under the feet of the cdp/amp? Any pros and cons would be appreciated. If yes, is 1/2" thickness enough or too much?

Audioquest makes sorbothane footers and has forever. They are ok and many of us have used them at one time or another. They have somewhat fallen out of favor and many now use stillpoints , aurios ect in conjunction with isolation platforms like Symposium , bright star and the Townsend products and achieve superior results. The goal is isolation and sorbothane is a place to start for sure. They will help. Many swear by superballs cut in half. Is a half inch right? Try different thicknesses but I personally would start at an inch at least .
My AQ sorbothane footers go under the 1/2 inch acrylic platter my cdp sits on. I tried the footers directly under the player but it caused the bass to increase and the transparancy to disappear. If i had the space, I might be inclined to try the points under the cdp, but for now the way I have it set up works fine.