Experience using a subwoofer with Tekton speakers?

Hi all,

Just recently received a pair of Tekton Electron SEs. I'm still getting to know these speakers but so far very pleased with the sound. My only wish - and maybe a bit of break in will help - is for a bit more bass.

My question to the Audiogon community: has anyone had experience using a subwoofer with Tekton speakers, ideally Electrons (with 8" drivers), and if so, what would you recommend for a sub? Thinking about a REL t/9.

Also - I'm using a low-powered SET amp (7.6 watts) to power the Tektons. That may be a big part of the issue.

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Agreed, matching speakers to amp is going to be important. Switch amps or switch speakers. A lack of bass is not something that tektons are known for when properly paired. 
I’ve had both the Double Impacts ( 2-10”) and the Moabs (2-12”) woofers. I found them both to be light on bass. I used mcintosh 501 monos to drive them. Tekton makes a 4-10 sub. 2 of these solved all my problems. I switched out the Tekton subs for 2 SVS 14” units. The Tekton’s ran circles around the SVS. hope this helps. Tekton is the way to go.
Of all people I’m pretty shocked that MC isn’t more aware of proper amp/speaker matching within the Tekton line up. Watching that video that @tvad posted you can hear Eric state in no uncertain terms that a 7W amp just doesn’t play well with a 4 ohm speaker....period. I’m sure Eric would cringe if he heard MC trying to address the OP’s issues with an array of subwoofers. lol