Experience trigger starting Classe amps?

I blew a circuit on two Classe cam-350's by remote starting them with a 200ml wall wart. They said the wall wart was too big, although they couldn't tell me exactly what the acceptable numbers were. They did fix them however. FYI, the jumper was removed per a sketch from classe showing where it was. I want to use the 12v trigger from a MacC200, but neither classe nor mac can tell me if I'll be OK and I'm scared to try it. Any experiences? Anyone understand these jumpers? Are they just for sequencing, or do they have to be removed for the remote start to be functional? The manual apparently does not agree with the components, and I'm not communicating well with Classe. Thanks!
Classe gave me a schematic for which jumper to pull. I used a Y-connector from the pre to start both 350's at the same time. I did not have any luck daisy chaining using the out from one 350 going to the other. The output was very low, from memory around 6V. Let me know if you need more info.