Experience/Thoughts on Duende Criatura Tube Rings

Hi everyone

I was wondering if I could get input/thoughts or member's actual experience on the following tube dampers.

Duende Criatura Tube Rings


I have limited experience with tube dampers and I've really only used the orange tube dampers/rings. I almost pulled the trigger on Herbie's rings when I stumbled upon these dampers when reading about another tube.

Does anyone have any experience with these tube rings they would like to share? There wasn't much info about these specific rings in the archives and a quick search on my favorite search engine didn't yield much except for the usual bashing of a tweak like this.

One thing I find a bit head scratching is the name can translate to Magic Creature.

Thanks in advance.
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I tried a couple of these a few years back. IMHO, the Herbies sounded better, but that's just my opinion. I have Herbies on all of my tubes.
I also preferred Herbie's to the Duendes. Like Mofi said, just my opinion.
Thank you both for chiming in. I think I'm going to stick with Herbie's dampers. They are more proven and a bit easier on the wallet than the Duende tube rings.