Experience/ Opinion on ProAc Respons TriTower

Hi, I have a chance to buy a demo pair of ProAc TriTowers for well under cost and was hoping for feedback on their performance from owners (which seem to be few!)

I have an integrated Rotel Amp and Rotel CD player (entry level), bi-wire Prolab speaker cables and a basic transparent link interconnect. My system is run through a Pair of PorAc Tablette 50s that I bought used a year and a bit ago. While they sound great for the type of music I listen two (Jazz, vocals instumental, etc) they are too small for my large family room.

The Tritowers appeal to me for a number of reasons, one their very small foot print is ideal for WAF and my relatively narrow but open family room. Plus, from what I have read they are designed to butt against the baseboards to accomodate flat panel TV profiles. And the insane price that I can get them for

- How do they perform?
- is there ideal positioning against the baseboards?
- is this a good speaker upon which to build upon?

Would appreciate any feedback!