Experience on using Roksan Radius 5

I am going to upgrade the turntable and the Roksan Radius 5 is one of the choices. Please advise your experience of using this model and give the guidelines on this turntable.
Bump! Want more discussion on this TT too.

I will be pairing with a Ray Samuels XR-2 phono stage, but will take a few weeks to build/receive. My cart is Kontrapunct A.

Sorry will be quite a while b4 I can provide more details. I am patiently waiting to break-in! But should be worth it with the XR-2, as would most TTs.

In the demo room the Radius V sounded quite nice. Hope I get same results.
While I am waiting for my XR-2 phono stage and pre-amp to arrive, decided to try out the table direct into my hometheater receiver's phono input. Yamaha DSP-AX1300. Sounds ok, actually, just needs a bit more volume. Kontrapunct A has moderate output for MC @ 45.

Hope I have the balance setup properly, my first real TT, should be sort of close. Used an inexpensive Audio Technics bubble-level to for table/platter. Tone-arm appears level when playing, and tracking force believe is set correct. Roksan did provide a scale(this was easy to use) but setting counter-weight took a lot of trial and error to get right weight and level-touchy). Also, includes a card-board protractor(have not figured out exactly how to use except to visually inspect tone-arm level). VTA was pretty much set by lowering all the way from lock position.

Well more tweaking/fine tuning but up and running without to much effort, and at least can listen. Listened to two albums, even did a little dancing/jumpin no skipping.