Experience in isolation/resonance tweeks & brands?

Has anyone experienced any kind of isolation/ resonance devices such as component feet, component stands, sub stands, speaker stands that for the money spent made considerable differences in sound quality of stereo music and hometheater???? Suggestions or comments:)

Very much a question of cost-ratio and individual components' behaviour.

The most efficient devices I've encountered are the custom-made platforms by Silent Running Audio. But then again, they come with a price tag. So, if you already spent big amounts of your hard-earned money on amps or sources anyway, then, at a reasonable additional outlay this could very well make it worth your while to have dug so deep in the first place.

Apart from that consideration, remarkable performers deployable just about everywhere with good results, i.e. taking flurriness, nervousness and downright resonance away from the components but without tampering with dynamics (much to the contrary: micro-dynamics can be perceivably bettered) are Aktyna A.R.I.S feet that come in sets of 3 or 4 pieces at a cost of approx. $ 100/piece.
I agree with Karelfd reasoning and his choices. I use SRA gear extensively and in places less important the Walker points with highly satisfying results.
Grand Prix Audio racks and carbon fiber shelves have inproved the sound of everything I have placed on them. Highly recommended!
Hello all and thx for your suggestions. pointing to Karelfd. I live in Canada and I want to know where I can research or look into the Aktyna A.R.I.S feet. At the moment I have been researching HIFI Pyon and speaking with John regarding his stands/feet,platforms. He has some amazing looking stuff that is reasonable in price and the engineering is topnotch. I purchased his HIFI Pyon Mythology Cable Elevators and they are pretty spectacular. They work great with my Synergistic Research Tesla active army of cords. I have a Sistrum SP-1 under my SVS PB13 Ultra(piano black) and It discipated some of the unwanted vibrations from the walls,floor,& ornaments & also tightened,detailed, and defined the bass. The bass pitch is just amazing. I would really like to try a stand/feet/platform under my power amp(Parasound HCA 2205A) and would like some suggestions......THX

Bacardi, I was hoping to find whether Aktyna had someone distributing their product in Canada and am appalled to see that their site has disappeared from the web (it used to be www.aktyna.eu). Instead, I was redirected to one of those nasty domain raiders that seem to have snapped away the domain name from under their nose.
Anyway, Aktyna is a big thing in the French audio community. If it is of any use to you, I'll mail you a few links where you can at least see a description (in French).
Very sorry about this
Hi Bacardi,

I have some of John's HiFi PYON offerings and would recommend them as well.


Hi Kenobi, Do you have any of his Gyrotension amp stands or resonance absorbing footers for amps pre amps, subwoofers? I am tempted to try his Prometheus stand and feet. He sent me some pics and they do look well engineered with exceptionally high quality looks. The prices are pretty good from a quality/price compared to some other companies...and he has promised "BAR NONE" better sound/asthetic quality to many other high-end performers. Let me know....

Hi Bacardi,

No I have not tried his Gyrotension amp stands. I have his PW4, Bugunga ballmatic, Pi-Ball, ALS03 spike shoes. They are well-made and quite reasonable. The PW4 replaced a set of Finite Elemente Ceraball Universal under my CD transport to good effect. These will be great for pre and amp application as well if within their weight capacity.


I have spent the last 4 years playing with relatively inexpensive vibration and resonance control devices. These include Symposium padz, myrtle blocks, audio tekne carbon blocks, super cheap MG4 gel resonance controls($5 for 4), Lead bars and weight bags. They all do something, depending on where you put them and the real question is whether they do something good. It's a tweaker's holiday with these items and the best thing is that for 4 years I haven't spent thousands of dollars on new equipment (other than a new blu-ray/ sacd player which was greatly improved by a lead bar and some other assorted devices on top of walker feet). I can succesfully change the character of my system with these devices and continue to explore the potential of the equipment I already own.
Don't ever use shelves made of glass.
I like sorbathane pucks for CD plyers
And hard rubber feet(herbies for amps & preamps)
Based on 35 yrs of listening